Quilt Blocks

Floral Stipple Quilt Block Contest

Collect the free floral stipple quilt blocks shown below. A total of 10 quilt blocks with one stipple only block will be added over the next few weeks. Stitch out the quilt blocks in any color combination and put them into a project of your choice. You will be given plenty of time to download the designs and stitch out a project. The project will be due in the spring of 2017 but the exact date will be announced later. Send a .jpg image of your project along with your first and last name and state (outside of the US put your country) where you live to Pam at embroiderynews@embroiderybillboard.com

Those project images will be uploaded to a special web page on the Embroidery Billboard website and in the spring of 2017 everyone will get to vote on the projects. It will be fun to see what parts of the world these projects come from and the creative ideas that will inspire us all.

Only one project per person please. Use at least two or more of the free floral quilt blocks in your project. The project with the most votes will win their choice of any two collections from Keepsakes by Kathy. Second place will get a choice of one collection from Kathy and third place will be one collection from Kathy priced at $30 or lower.

Keep checking this page for more information about this contest. Thanks in advance for participating. You can start right now by downloading the first of several designs in the quilt block series!


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