Sew Michelle


Flip Flops and Wet Tops Bag
Flip Flops & Wet Tops  ~ PDF Downloadable Pattern
This adorable wet bag measures approximately 7" x 13" when closed. The pattern uses pre-quilted fabric (of course you could quilt your own) and Heat and Bond Vinyl to make the interior fabric waterproof. Can't you see carrying this cute bag to the beach or pool this summer? Everyone will want to know where you got it. When you tell them you made it, of course they will want you to make them one! Wouldn't this be a great end of the year gift for teachers?
The Double Duty Screen Tote Bag - PDF Downloadable Pattern

Here's your new summer bag....

The Double Duty Screen Tote

This bag is multifunctional.  It can be used with the drawstring insert for added security (so others can't see what's in your bag) or you can use the screen bag by itself and it is just as cute!  Also, the drawstring insert can be used by itself or with the bag.  So many options with this cutie!!   That's why I'm calling it The Double Duty Screen Tote Bag.  

This bag is a great beginner bag and can easily be made in a few hours.