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Monogram Mug Rug

Here is a mug rug you can easily personalize. Our Triple Monogram (sold separately) would work well. You can insert a name of your choosing on the plain mug rug that’s included. In addition, the mug rug comes with the words “Mrs” as well as “Mr”. The sides are stitched in the stitch and flip method and the background is quilted.

This is a quick stitchout and would make a great gift for newlyweds. Or how about inserting a teacher’s name as a “welcome back to school” gift?

There are a total of 3 mug rugs: The plain version and the Mr. and Mrs. ones. In addition, there is a printable tag/card in pdf format explaining what a mug rug is and how to launder it.

No full font or monogram included with your purchase.

Design Dimensions Stitch Counts
Plain version 7.00×5.00” 10,815
Version with “Mrs” 7.00×5.00” 12,163
Version with “Mr” 7.00×5.00” 13,285